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Beat Generals

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        • It covers all the basics and more
        • Lots of real world examples
        • Made by actual professional music makers


        • More expensive than Youtube videos
        • The sounds library is not enough for very advanced beat makers

        reviewing the beat generals tutorial program.

        When you start out with Fl Studio and are ready to make some hip hop music, you might run into a problem. It might sound good to you, but other people disagree. Or you never seem to get it to sound as well as the songs you hear on the radio. That is because it takes a lot of skill and experience to create great music.

        A lot of the advice that you can find online comes down to; just keep trying, you will get there. But do we really need to go through all that? Isn’t there a faster way?

        Beat Generals is an online course that teaches you how to create beats like the professionals do. Because they are using reliable methods to make beats that move people. And those methods can be taught and learned. The Beat Generals program claims to give you the following:

        • Video tutorials that show you exactly how to start, build, and refine you beats using Fl Studio.
        • In-depth analysis of the most popular hip-hop songs today. When you see how these are made, it’s easy to start building your own.
        • A whole library of drum kits, sound effects and filters that give you a head start.
        • Monthly updates with new training, insights, and analysis of the hottest songs. Staying up to date is now more important than ever in music. Because innovation happens so quickly.

        Because we wanted to know how effective this training is, we decided to put it to the test. We had no experience with creating hip-hop beats before this and didn’t know how to use Fl Studio at all. So we downloaded the Fl studio free trial and subscribed to Beat Generals for a month.

        Week 1: Installing FL studio was easy enough. But we felt a little overwhelmed when we opened the program for the first time. There are so many options, channels, and settings. So we just left this alone for a moment and got our membership to Beat General sorted. After the initial payment of 20 $ we got immediate access to the member’s area. Going through the videos, we started to understand how Fl Studio is working.

        We tried one of the demo projects and went through it step by step. There is a clear system to making good beats. I used to think that the big guys just had perfect rhythms popping into their head all the time. Turns out they work with a system too. And that system is less complicated than it seems.

        Week 2: The first beats we build sounded great because we just followed the examples. Now it was time to start creating some of our own. We got put back on the ground right away. But going back to the video’s we quickly saw what we did wrong and fixed it. It turned out ok. I mean, friends were mildly enthusiastic, but at least is sounded like something. Time to check out the library.

        Week 3: We continued to build and tweak our beats and review the videos. There are a lot of tutorials, and you need to go over them several times to get everything out of them. But we got better and better and started to enjoy the process.

        Week 4: We ran into a little problem that we couldn’t figure out. The support team, that is available 24 hours, helped us within 30 minutes and we got back on. Creating beats is really a lot of fun. And it seems we are getting better. One time, me and my friend were having fun with one of our creations and the neighbor came to the door. Our first thought was we’d been playing too loud. But it turned out he wanted to know what song this was and if it was on Spotify. That was the kind of compliment I never expected as a pretty mediocre musician and novice drummer.

        This program provides beginners with a great place to start. Even we could learn to create acceptable beats with this. Anybody that has some affinity with music and can spare a few hours a week can make some great stuff using these tutorials. The people from Beat Generals are always available to help out in case you do run into a problem. We decided to buy the cheapest license for Fl Studio and continue this as a new hobby. Beat Generals currently has a free trial, so you don’t have anything to lose.

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